Nigel Egg is Best Straight From the Heart

by Adam Wiltgen

Originally published on 06/23/10 at:

Nigel Egg is another one of those kind souls that seem to keep popping into my awareness. I met Nigel at one of my first DEMO shows as an intern in the summer of 2007. The Twin Cities-based Englishman’s self-depreciating sense of humor, skillful slide-guitar work, and passionate harmonica playing (along with a being a relentless DEMO performer) have made a lasting positive impression on me.

So it is with great pleasure that I blog about his first proper album, the appropriately titled, Big Bang Baby Boom. The aforementioned sense of humor comes across very well on tracks like the delta-blues number You Can’t Sing The Blues With an English Accent, the folky pot comedy The Birds and The Bees and The Bud, and the rootsy home-owners’ tune Going to Home Depot.

Although, all good satirist sometimes bomb and Nigel is no exception. I’ll never forget the time I heard Nigel perform the well-intentioned, yet uncomfortably honest and politically incorrect blues song Black Man at the Door before an unreceptive mixed race audience. Also, despite some interesting gang-style vocals, title track Big Bang Baby Boom stumbles upon its own irreverent baby boomer references…maybe I’m just too young to care.

In my opinion, Nigel is at his best when singing straight from his heart. Tracks like the harmonica-driven Lucky Man Blues, the soulful When I Was You, and the sentimental finger-picker I Wish I Knew Where Katie Was; showcase a feel-good singer-songwriter skilled at communicating how grateful he is for everything.

Watch the video below to see Nigel earn some laughs performing You Can’t Sing The Blues With an English Accent at a DEMO showcase in August 2009.


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