Rearview Mirror 2010 Reunion Shows: Reflecting the Past

by Adam Wiltgen

Originally published 09/27/10 at:

Nostalgia: it’s delicate, yet potent,” is a phrase Don Draper once uttered in an episode of Mad Men. September’s Rearview Mirror reunion shows balanced this dynamic elegantly–serving up the songs old-school fans pine for, while also allowing the band to have some fun as well. The crowd at JB’s in La Crosse on September 3rd was very enthusiastic and it made for some good chemistry. Check out the beginning of the Dead Air video below for some of the reminiscent banter lead singer Adam Ptacek provided throughout the night. The band played with an impressive amount of passion and abandon–visually losing themselves within the music at times.


The show on September 25th at the Winneshiek County Fairgrounds in Decorah, IA for Per Capita Entertainment‘s “Recession Fest 2010” was a little bit different environment–but a success nonetheless. The event was plagued by poor weather and a lack of coalition-building, grassroots-style promotion, but sure enough–come 9:30pm on Saturday night–Rearview Mirror had the most respectable and enthusiastic crowd of the weekend packed close to the stage. They gave one heck of an honorable performance despite the frosty nighttime temperatures. I imagine they felt less than stellar the next morning, however  they certainly could rest easy knowing they left it all on the stage. Check out a partial video (sorry) of Blown Out’s Hold Your Eyes below.

So, good job guys. You still got it. Here’s to the next RVM reunion show–in 2011?!?!


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