Book Editing & Layout: “Modes of Being” by Michelle Lynn

amazon_bookFrom the fall of 2011 til the spring of 2012, I edited a book by Decorah-based musician Michelle Lynn. Entitled Modes of Being: Lyrics from the First Five Albums, the book is 124 pages and contains lyrics for 65 songs, as well as a question and answer exchange with nearly 50 local artists. My work entailed proofreading & editing all of the copy, formatting all of the images and laying out all of the content for print. I also wrote the “About the Author” page in the back of the book, in addition to contributing one the many questions Lynn took the time to answer.

To view Modes of Being on, please click here.

Click here to view an article about Modes of Being by Julie Berg-Raymond in the Decorah Newspapers. My work on the book is mentioned in a paragraph toward the end of the piece (along with a quote boasting about Lynn’s new album) and is pasted below.

The book also is a lovely companion to Lynn’s latest album, “Without an Outline” — which she calls her “most playful album to date,” and which her friend and book collaborator (he picked the art work and helped edit, organize and lay out the pages), Adam Wiltgen, says is “the most fully artistic, fleshed-out project she’s done.”

And finally, here’s the book description from the back cover:

A prolific songwriter and diligent musician in her own right, Michelle Lynn is nonetheless an artist focused on language and known for her literate, yet relatable lyrics. “Modes of Being” is a vivid collection of ideas and stories featuring 65 songs from the first five albums. Also found within this book is an engaging question and answer exchange with local artists and musicians. The creative process is thoroughly discussed along with details on how different songs and albums developed. Michelle talks about the dynamic journey of her first 7 years as a self-supported musician in an honest and insightful manner. Anyone who has enjoyed the CDs throughout the years will equally enjoy “Modes of Being.”


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