by Adam M. Wiltgen Originally published 9/05/11 at Saint Paul, MN alternative-folk quartet, The Brilliant Beast, will be in Decorah to open for Luther College blues-rock darlings General B & The Wiz on Saturday, September 24th at the Americana Bar & Grille. The concert is sponsored by Norheast Iowa’s independent community radio station, KPVL […]

Decorah’s Damsel Fly: Youth + Sheer Talent

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published 12/05/10 at: Damsel Fly is an amazingly talented, all-female, teenage folk quartet from Decorah, IA. Their heart-swelling, four-part harmonies induce chills, warm feelings, and collective healing in all who are fortunate enough to experience them. The group’s lethal combo of youth & sheer talent is less perplexing when one […]

Rearview Mirror 2010 Reunion Shows: Reflecting the Past

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published 09/27/10 at: “Nostalgia: it’s delicate, yet potent,” is a phrase Don Draper once uttered in an episode of Mad Men. September’s Rearview Mirror reunion shows balanced this dynamic elegantly–serving up the songs old-school fans pine for, while also allowing the band to have some fun as well. The crowd […]

Meet the Unseen Ghost Brigade

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published on 08/13/10 at: Meet the Unseen Ghost Brigade: a theatre ensemble dedicated to the proliferation of communal joy through the arts that is currently in the midst of an ambitious 2,000 mile performance-journey down the Mississippi River on a raft. Utilizing street theatre to infiltrate everyday life, each member […]


by Adam Wiltgen Originally published on 07/01/10 at: Jonathan Miller creates exactly the kind of music I had hoped to encounter when I formally launched this site in January. The Minneapolis-based multi-instrumentalist will be bringing his psychedelic trance-pop act Hands to the Acadia Cafe for the Driftless Music Showcase on July 16. Jonathan graciously […]

The Johnson Twins Capture Emotional Power of Live Show on New CD

by Adam WiltgenOriginally published on 06/06/10 at: The Johnson Twins are lead by identical twins Patrick and Sam Johnson. The brothers both attended Perpich Center for Arts Education and share vocal duties. Pat plays violin, while Sam handles bass and accordion. They are frequently joined on stage by Sara Horishnyk on drums and Joe […]

Good Diction: Authentic Blues

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published on 04/10/10 at: Regularly booking and promoting shows can sort of make one feel jaded at times–especially if the acts your working with are “developing” or “emerging” ones. Of course that is the mission or purpose of the shows I do with local non-profit DEMO. Great, organic moments can […]

Clear Skies for Birds of Virginia

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published 03/10/10 at: The thoughtful folks in Minneapolis alt-country act Birds of Virginia sent me a copy of their debut album Trees at Dusk in advance of their appearance at the Driftless Music Showcase at Acadia on Friday. Recorded by Chad Weis at the Devil’s Workshop Sound Studio in Minneapolis, […]

Akai Heats Up with The Coldest Hour

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published 3/4/10 at Akai was kind enough to give me a copy of their debut album, The Coldest Hour, after their performance at the Driftless Music Showcase on February 19th. The eight-piece ensemble immediately commanded the room’s attention with an intense set of sweeping alt-pop. (Scroll down for a video […]

A Tale of Two Steves

by Adam Wiltgen Originally published 01/21/10 at Driftless Music got a nice little write up in the Second Supper today (page 5). Choice quote: “Many of the events take place in the Twin Cities–which our geographer friends may not classify as being in the Driftless Region–but La Crosse gets lots love too, and in […]